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Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving , we often times concentrate on the meal, football and and the possibility of family drama.  What gets left out is the giving thanks portion.  With a lot going on in our world, bad news hitting the airwaves every day, we often think negatively on what is going on with the world and our lives.

This is a challenge to you:  sit down and make a list of what you’re thankful for.  Even things that may seem little, like plates to eat off of.  List everything that you consider a blessing.  Then on Thanksgiving, go around your table and have everyone give one thing they are thankful for.  Set the tone for a great holiday!

Then continue being thankful and, if you can afford it, give back.  In the Grand Junction area, there are lots of businesses that have “giving trees” where you can choose a child or family to give to, sometimes all it requires is a $10 gift, which equals three trips to Starbucks.  Buy a few extra canned goods and give to the food banks or maybe just pay for the coffee of the person standing behind you in line. Giving sets the tone for peace and happiness, especially in a rushed holiday season.

Keep the holiday spirit alive and keep it alive all year round.  While we are giving thanks, we would like to thank our readers, customers and fellow dentists for following our posts.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!