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Healthy Halloween Alternatives

Candy is the most popular item to give away during Halloween, and can you blame kids for liking candy?  It’s sweet, a treat and so good to eat!  But there are healthier, and fun, alternatives that you can give to your neighborhood kids.  If you want to promote health to the kids who come to your door, here are some fun ideas:

-Snack packs:  Anything that doesn’t stick in the grooves of the teeth are preferable to those that do.  Jello snack packs and pudding snack packs are great.

-Fruit:  Who doesn’t love an apple, pear, or orange.  Around here we try to support  local fruit stand by recommending fruit! Raisins are popular but remember dark chocolate is better for teeth than raisins which stick to your teeth and it has antioxidants. Not all candies are “bad”, but choose wisely.  The choices are endless.

-Dollar store toys:  something the kids can keep and use

-Coupons to local restaurants or chain restaurants


-Money:  Older kids LOVE quarters!

These are just a few ideas, there are many more out there.  For more ideas, follow us on Facebook but if your child just HAS to have that sugar rush, make sure they eat the candy and then BRUSH and FLOSS!  Have a creepy, ghoulish Halloween!

spooky oranges