790 Wellington Ave, Suite #101
Grand Junction, CO 81501

New Look!

We care about your overall health, and when it comes to how we can serve you better, that’s also important to us.  Updates in equipment and training happens often but it was time for a makeover for our service areas.  The equipment in the treatment area has been around since the early eighties.  In equipment terms, THAT IS OLD!!!! We closed down for a week in September to take care of some upgrades, and we want to share these with you!

The new cabinets allow for more privacy, and they also allow for a more spacious working area for your comfort.  We also added more counter space and a great new area for sterilization.  The sterilization area is all controlled by foot pedals so our hands remain sanitary.  The Cerec crown milling center also has a new home close to the work areas.

We have pictures on our Facebook page, and we hope that you will take time to look!